Okay Songs From Bad Times

by Amar Ahmad

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Mike Joyce
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Mike Joyce Keeping my eye on Amar Ahmad; really great lyrics and disparate sounds that transport you right into the story. Many great moments, but highlights for me, "Our Daughter" and "On and Off the Grid Part I" Favorite track: On and Off the Grid Part I & II.
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  • Amar Ahmad - Okay Songs From Bad Times Cassette
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    These cassettes were made by Amar. Lots of love went into making these. They're one sided. It's a neat little thing you'll love it I promise.
    You also get a random picture with your order. Maybe it's a drawing or maybe it's a picture I took. If you don't want that, too bad you're getting it anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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released March 26, 2016



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diy cassette label. I have no idea what I'm doing.

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Track Name: Coming Back Home
“My negative predispositions have been taking a toll, on my mind my life and the way that i live, i’m beginning to think that no one wants me they never would never will and never did”. And I watch the cars go past as they try and fog the glass and I just ride by on my bike and I just ride by on my bike. I’ve broken my heart once or twice once on a rock and summer’s night, the waves stood still as you said bye, the sun went down down in the sky. And I could see through your flushed face, and you were oh so so suprised could see your cold cold summer, your cold cold summer eyes. “They never would never will and never did”
Track Name: Our Daughter
Ive been thinking bout our daughter, when's the last time that we saw her?
Yeah shes bloomed out like a flower, now through the streets she wanders. Ive been thinkin bout or daughter, lookin at the pale moon water.
Didnt have the heart to tell her, all of this would be gone.

and you're not the only one who cant get out of bed, and yr not the only one who's stuck inside their head, so put on some pants get up and get dressed, if not for yrself then for the friends who try their best. and ive been cryin hard and ive been laughing weak. you've become a dream i can recall at 13 and i know...

Ive been missin my friend so bad, even though i hate everything that she said. and ive been missin my friends so bad, even though i loathe all the times that we spent. (X2)

Ive been missin my friends so bad, distracted by the love, the love we never had. and i've been missin my friend so bad. Do for yrself and the friends who try their best
Track Name: Phone Notes
I’ve been thinking a lot about death and stuff an the last couple years have past like months and whole world feels so grown up, so grown up. And I’ll die alone in a hospital bed, I listened to the song just like you said, but the feelings are gone and im still depressed and alone. Were all alone. Hey look I get i get things are looking great, remember when you were sad I remember those days. Now yeah i guess you’ve come a long fucking ways. But i just cant stand, cant stand but hate. You with your shorter hair (and a false sense of safe) you with your laughing friends (another boy to date) You with your shorter hair (and a false sense of safe) you with your laughing friends the books youve read told you you you cannot changggge. Now selfishness had engulfed me, i swallowed bitterness and am filled with greed, and the end is something i just cant see i just cant see. I just cant see. SO call me back on the phone oh I hate being alone, so call me back right now. You’ve gotta understand you’ve gotta be understanding, i gotta stand my ground.
Track Name: You Probably Shouldn't Do That
all of these words were put into verses to make you feel sad and make you feel worthless, and these memories I think all about them they make me believe that i cant live without them X2. And the feels you now feel seem less than whats real but the bast being the past will always seem more ideal. And i dont know who i’ll be when i turn 15 but i hope i still know you and i hope you still know me. And I wanna know how to live in the now, but what happens when whats killing you, you cant live without? Oh you cant live without? Over and over and over and over again. I wanna be your friend I wanna tuck you in. The cuts on your arms and the cuts on your heart cant ignore. The amount of hate you store, call me when you’re bored.
Track Name: Art Slob
You cant hang out now, cuz you got shit going on an i cant hang out now, i need to finish the end of this songs, And you cant hang out now, cuz you got to move on and i cant hang out now, i;ve called you six times and im waiting for the tone. And “are you ok and are you sad, can i help you can i do that” Are you ok are you sad , “why cant you be happy for me, why cant you do that?”. And we should hang out soon, im not just saying that, to make you feel better, but i think you are. “Listen I gotta go”. I gotta go. Art slob poor fuck i am hungry, i wont be what you want me to be. Art slob poor fuck i am lonely, i wont be what i wanted to be. (cold hands secrets, cold hands secrets). I will fail my SATs.
Track Name: Pathetic Like Murakami
Theres no reason to get out of bed, the sheep mans gone and kiki is dead, theres no reason to cry anymore, get up off that hotel floor. and who needs friends right friends are the worst, they're irrelevant and they keep you from work, now that they're gone you can drink till yr dry and deal with the naseau all day an night.

CHORUS; Yuki makes me happy, like she was when she was young, shes lookin older and pretty im so proud of who shes become. and she's got time to just hang around and worry about it all. she's just waiting for the downfall.

The way the light hit yr hair before, im not sure if it mattered, but it doesnt any more, and you took drugs cuz you were scared and young, but when you fell asleep i was afraid you wouldn't wake up. (CHORUS)false boundaries dont annoy you are no longer a kid or a boy, your anxieties diminished to why you are dropping out of junior high
Track Name: Blair
Blair oh blair do you even care? Through the shame and the blame im suprised youre still talking, cold winter nights that we both spent at home, i can hear you whine, all quiet on the phone and im counted the days that we both spent alone. Blair oh blair were you even there calling out those names findin friends so blame and “yeah im sorry” guess its all my fault, no it wont help now to punch this wall, no gods not here, no not at all. Oh Blair, you’re never there oh blair. Xa bunch. Hours come and hours last the important things they;ve come and passed, and i still cringe at the thought of hearing your name, PLEASE DONT COME BACK NO I CANT RELAX NO I THINK IM GOING TO GO INSANE. Oh blair you’re never there oh blair. “Youre never here never around” im laughing at how dumb you sound and may is passing slow as clouds, im laughing at home dumb you sound. Watch me stare across the room, illl never be as “old” as you, not that i had wanted to, not that i had wanted to.
Track Name: Paper Planes
All the paper planes are the only remains of the fact i wanted you to stay. All the inside jokes in the letters I wrote are the facts I wanted to feel too. An all the paper planes are the only the only remains of the past I never had with you.

An all these memories will turn to movie screens, when the credits roll back black to grey. And I don't have the remote or some magic word to reel back the past an rewind the tapppe.

An we procrastinate the past, (don't know if you hear me now but I hope you can start to understand) an we were thinking about death ( sometimes when I think of words I keep them close an keep them in my head) An i won't know where I'll sleep. (were both from broken homes but you're hill seems to be some what less steep) an i don't know now what I need (we did it to ourselves put our head to make us just seem more weak, so I will take the gun and prove I will do anything I need.
Track Name: On and Off the Grid Part I & II
Can my high school Spanish class, teach me how to by cigarettes from my local CVS? Can the kids who stare at me say a word or two to please can I get any rest? All my skin still filled with blue, how i feel an felt bout you. Was that past what we need?(to grow grow grow) can I feel the bruises still? Yes but I don't really think it will. change the things that make me bleed. An i hope it's better where you are. I hope it's better where you've been i hope you found your lucky stars an i hope to God that your counting them.

A change that's not so very good. I start to move real fast backwards. Now please please drive me to the mall now I'm a dick from the suburbs
The month feels slower the it was, because it's closer to the end. The syllables of the days oh they stretch out, twenty five twenty six twenty seven.

When you see me, do you see? A place you can't call home, all curled up to feel alone. still fall still cold.. Take you back on a trip. You are not escaping this

Bloodshot eyes red, all over the place I can't talk can't sleep. An i know that I I know that I'm gonna be alone for the road.

And I was alone there I'm still alone now just in a different place. (My angstyness is gone I'm too sad to write songs I've been here way too long.to fall in love is all I want) Just in a different place
Track Name: Fall Back In Love
If we fall back in love every day will be another dream from those far away tv's cuz now it would feel just so much better. If we fall back in love every flower that I would ever see would mean the fucking world to me and I would pin them in your hair. If we fall back in love you'd be my favorite book and movie, everything you'd do would move me dancing christmas lights you borrowed. If we fall back in love I promise to not fuck up as much I promise that I will stay in touch, when you need to drown your sorrows. If we fall back in love these sheets wont just be here for me, but could use your company. our toes in socks for the winter.

And can you feel that, all you used to love, turning into dust, as you jump and ride your old bike till it rusts. Can you feel that feel my disconcert tremble through my words, as my heart beats like the fire works.

da dum da dum

And If we fall back in love, ill probably stop singing an writing songs, cuz i wont have this time alone, we'll be off doing better things. If we fall back in love all the cuts on my arm will be gone, cuz youve been here all along, so whats the need for me to weep? If we fall back in love Id be laying deep inside your bedroom, watching the back of your head move, as you hum an fall asleep.

And can you feel that, all the trees and leaves come to pat my back, like you did when we were young and i was sad. Can you feel that feel my disconcert tremble through my words, as my heart beats like the fire works.

And if we fall back in love, it'll probably wont even happen, cuz i was too afraid to talk, and now my place as a has been, has finally been pushed to the top.
Track Name: Caroline (Drug Song)
Hey caroline X2 whathcu wanna do tonight? wanna take a puff maybe fuck you up? maybe just one more line?
hey caroline X2 i dont know it all, i dont take pills, do drugs, or drink alcohol.
(All yr friends let you down)
Hey caroline X2 how's it been, you feelin kinda sad yah you throwin yr own towel in? Well call me up, we can hit the pipe and do some stuff.
We can grab movie from the library, instead of sticking your arm in that IV
i dont know if you still like me, but we can take a walk and then we'll see

you get mad at dad, get kinda sad, increase supplements, its nothing new i still love you, we all do that.

But when you are out and you're trying to get, off of the road at five thirty in the morining, and yr high as a kite and you dont know whats wrongs, when a car hits you in traffic will you sing along? To the cars as they try to beep, and yr smile, crooked smile and teeth. Hey caroline miss you so much.

Hey caroline come back